Left Angle is a deep tech start-up specialized in developing professional-grade creative software applications dedicated to motion design, visual effects (VFX), and mass personalized video production.

Award-winning innovation

Innovation is at the forefront and it shows. Left Angle is the recipient of numerous awards including i-Lab, i-Nov and CNC-RIAM. We strive to optimize performance and boost workflows for content creators across industries from broadcast to cinema, accommodating internet and social media requirements.

Diverse, specialized team
When great minds come together, magic happens. Left Angle is made up of a growing team of highly-skilled experts specializing in everything from rendering, interface creation, to cloud services. Together, we want to help you work smarter so your creativity can run the show.


Alexandre Gauthier-Foichat

Alexandre is an experienced research and development software engineer specializing in computer graphics and image processing. As an engineer at French research institute INRIA, Alexandre has contributed to the development of open-source creative software, winning Best Innovation of the Year at the Paris Digital Summit. Driven by his ambition for creating innovative solutions and his passion for visual effects, Alexandre co-founded Left Angle with the aim to improve on current creative software and industry workflow.

François Grassard
Chief Creative Officer
With over 25 years of experience in 2D & 3D motion design and visual effects, François knows a thing or two when it comes to industry standards. Over the years, François has worked in various development, graphic design, and managerial roles across the broadcasting, film, and advertising industries. His non-exhaustive client roster includes Walt Disney, Universal, Fox, Warner, Renault, Dior, CBS, BBC, NBC, Yves-Saint-Laurent, and Unilever. François is also an author and has taught university students, sharing his insights and expertise.


Axel Airo-Farulla

Charles Barnouin

Alexandre Bléron

Mickael Bourgeoisat

Gaëlle Braud

Amine Farhat

Emile Steiner