Autograph is a fast, hybrid digital content creation application crafted for motion design, VFX, and mass animation projects

Compositing and visual effects

Boost your compositing and VFX productions with the ease of quickly loading 3D assets and layering them in your projects with real-time feedback, 2D animations, video effects, looks, object animations, and camera moves. Autograph comes equipped with dozens of GPU-optimized effects and supports OpenFX plug-ins and Shadertoy, as well as multi-channel EXR, Photoshop layers, and ProRes. Autograph also supports ACES and OCIO workflows for high-quality imaging pipelines. Render your projects with Filament, a high-quality, real-time, physically-based renderer.

motion design and animation

Motion design, redesigned. Autograph offers tools built for speed and a time-saving workflow in line with the fast-paced requirements of modern productions. Use Autograph's instancer to connect to database data and effortlessly personalize and localize projects as well as set up automatic rendering when data files are updated. Animate, link, and package projects directly for sharing without writing a single line of code. Autograph is the first responsive design video software which means you can automatically preview and render motion design projects in multiple resolutions and aspect ratios from a single project file.

Full 3D environment

Based on Disney/Pixar USD standard, Autograph offers a complete 3D environment where you can create and import complex scenes for rendering and compositing in 2D on the fly, all within the same software. Assemble visually complex images quickly and easily by combining 2D and 3D assets directly in the timeline. Render everything in one place with a unified workflow. Add textures to 3D models using any image or composition created or imported in Autograph.

templates and Connecting External Data

Efficiency and flawless execution are key when it comes to mass animating elements. Create your own custom generators, modifiers (effects applicable to multiple parameter types), and templates that can be reused and modified over and over. Sharing your templates is easy and safe as files are encrypted and exported with accompanying documentation. Autograph simplifies connecting to regularly-updated external data with tools for automatic rendering, saving you time and eliminating repetitive editorial tasks so you can focus on being creative.