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Here you will find the list of keyboard shortcuts available in Artisan, sorted by panel. Keep in mind that you will have to move the cursor of the mouse over the specific panel in order for the shortcuts to work. This allows you to use the same shortcut in several panels.

Video player

Space : Play forward / Stop

Num + : Volume up

Num - : Volume down

N : Turn off/on sound

J : Play backward (press multiple time to speed up)

K : Stop

L : Play foreward (press multiple time to speed up)

Del or Backspace : Delete (markers, files, etc...)

Up : Jump 1 second before the current time

Down : Jump 1 second after the current time

Left : Jump 1 image before current time

Right : Jump 1 image after current time

G : Copy the current timecode in your clipboard


F : Loop through screen modes

A : Loop through aspect ratios

H : Hide annotations

Markers and annotation tools

M : Add marker at current time

! : Move selected marker at current time

Del : remove the selected marker

P : Pencil tool

T : Text tool

I : Line tool

O : Arrow tool

C : Color selector. Define the color of the next created marker or current used tool

E : Eraser

S : Save markers and annotations (automatically saved every 5 seconds)

Num + : Brush size up

Num - : Brush size down

G : Copy current timecode in clipboard

Ctrl+Z: Undo (remove last created annotation)

File browser

Left Button : Select file / Double-click to open

Right Button : File contextual menu

Ctrl+C : Copy

Ctrl+X : Cut

Ctrl+V : Paste

F2 : Rename

Del : Send to trash

Ctrl+Del : Erase without sending to trash

Image Viewer

Z then Left Button : Switch to "Zoom" mode

Alt+Z : Reset "Zoom" factor

Mouse wheel : Zoom

Space : Pan

D : Fit to fill

R : Rotate 90 degress clockwise

Alt+R : Reset rotation