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Playing controllers


The way of navigating in the Audio player is identical to the way of moving in the video player.

The only difference is that the sound will not be audible in reverse playback, although it is possible to use the shuttle up to -5X to quickly return to a previous time.

In addition, the Left and Right keys allow to move forward or backward by one hundredth of a second rather than one frame.

As a reminder, from left to right, you have the following controllers:

  • Get back to the beginning of the video
  • Go to the previous marker according current time
  • Go back by one frame
  • Play backward
  • Play forward
  • Move forward by one frame
  • Go to the next marker according current time
  • Go to the last frame of the video


The player has numerous shortcuts to speed up your workflow, similar to the ones you can find in non-linear editors.

Space : Play forward / Stop

Num + : Volume up

Num - : Volume down

N : Turn off/on sound

J : Play backward (press multiple time to speed up)

K : Stop

L : Play forward (press multiple time to speed up)

Del or Backspace : Delete (markers, files, etc...)

Up : Jump 1 second before the current time

Down : Jump 1 second after the current time

Left : Jump 1/100 of a second before current time

Right : Jump 1/100 of a second after current time