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Timeline and waveform


Unlike video files, playing an audio file in Artisan does not require the creation of proxies, as long as the uploaded file is readable by a Web Browser.

Here is the list of supported file types:

  • *.mp3
  • *.m4a
  • *.oga
  • *.ogg
  • *.wav
  • *.flac

A waveform is automatically generated when the file is accessed, allowing to visualize the variations in sound amplitude.

The video files whose proxies have been generated are represented by an icon in the shape of a cinema clapper. Audio files that can be played in Artisan are represented by a speaker.

In the audio player, the timeline located just above the controllers allows you to move quickly through the entire audio file. Just above, there is the Focus View.

Markers on audio files

As with video files, it is possible to place markers along the timeline and add comments associated with them.