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Generating proxies

This section talks about generating proxies, which can either be triggered automatically during upload or manually via the file manager actions.

To learn more about using proxies in the video player and the concept of proxy itself, please refer to the dedicated section.


The popup window for generating proxies offers four different definitions. After checking the desired definitions, click on Apply.

Deinterlacing when creating proxies

When uploading interlaced videos, you can ask for deinterlacing when encoding the proxies to make them more easily viewable. To do this, simply check the Deinterlace box.

Storage and removal of proxies

The generated proxies do not appear in the file browser. They are somehow invisibly attached to your original video file. However, the weight of these proxies is taken into account in your storage just like any other file. This explains why the information about your drive, displayed on the Artisan homepage, is different from the simple addition of the weight of all the files in your space.

To remove proxies attached to a video file, simply right-click on it, or select it and then go to the file manager actions. There you can find the option "Proxy", which allows you to uncheck certain definitions, which will destroy the corresponding proxies.

How to know if a video file already has proxies

When a video file has at least one proxy, its icon in the file explorer changes from a simple file to a movie clapper. Only then the video can be played in the player.