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Public link

When only one file is selected, you can create a public link to share a file outside Artisan.

Just right-click on it, or go to the File Actions menu after selecting it, and choose "Link".


A popup window appears, allowing you to define the maximum number of views or downloads (10 maximum) and to optionally restrict access with a password.


Click on "Save" to display the field containing the link allowing an external person to access your video.

By clicking on this link, it will be automatically copied into your clipboard, ready to be pasted into an email for example.

The "Create a new link" button allows you to generate a new link that can contain a different number of views or downloads



When the recipient of this email clicks on your link, he will see a classic web video player, playing the highest quality proxy available.

Clicking the "Dowload" button will allow it to download not the proxy, but the original file associated with it.