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Frame-by-frame and shuttle mode


Thanks to the generation of optimized proxies, it is possible to obtain in the Artisan player, the same precision and flexibility as a player provided by a desktop application.

By pressing the J/K/L keys multiple times, you can play backward, stop or play forward at different speed, up to 5X.

You can also click and drag the "Shuttle" controller on the left, to define the playback speed, from -5 to +5.

You can also play frame by frame, even in reverse, using the Left and Right keys.

Keeep in mind that depending on the bandwidth and the performance of your device, switching to a smaller proxy can greatly improve performance.


J : Play backward (press multiple time to speed up)

K : Stop

L : Play foreward (press multiple time to speed up)

Left : Jump 1 image before current time

Right : Jump 1 image after current time

Up : Jump 1 second before the current time

Down : Jump 1 second after the current time

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