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Playing controllers


From left to right, here is the available controllers :

  • Get back to the beginning of the video
  • Go to the previous marker according current time
  • Go back by one frame
  • Play backward
  • Play foreward
  • Move forward by one frame
  • Go to the next marker according current time
  • Go to the last frame of the video


The player has numerous shortcuts to speed up your workflow, similar to the ones you can find in non-linear editors.

Space : Play forward / Stop

Num + : Volume up

Num - : Volume down

N : Turn off/on sound

J : Play backward (press multiple time to speed up)

K : Stop

L : Play forward (press multiple time to speed up)

Del or Backspace : Delete (markers, files, etc...)

Up : Jump 1 second before the current time

Down : Jump 1 second after the current time

Left : Jump 1 image before current time

Right : Jump 1 image after current time