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Synchronized players

When using segmented workspace, you can put two players side by side, pointing to two different videos.

By clicking the link icon in the column between players, one timeline now controls both players at the same time.

Your mouse position will defines wich player control the other, especially if you use keyboard shortcuts.

Mixing audio

By default, the controlled player will be muted and the sound of the main player will be actvivated. But you can still click the speaker to re actvivate it, and listen to both players at the same time.

It's useful when you want to add a soundtrack to a video without any sound, or maybe mix two video+audio sources together.

Synchronous players with different durations

If one video is shorter than the other, the last frame of the shorter one will be kept on screen while the first one is still playing.

To know more about the audio player, please refer to this dedicated section.