Manage a Project

Creating a project

Use Autograph.Application.createProject() to create a new empty Project . A background project is useful to perform background rendering without any user interface.

Once created, the project is in an unsaved state. You can save it with . To reset the project to a default empty state, call Autograph.Project.close() . You can load a project state from an Autograph project file (.agp), call .


Since the Application can have multiple projects opened concurrently, you may find useful to retrieve the project actively focused by the user with Autograph.Application.getActiveProject() .

Managing project items

Project Items are any elements that you can find in the Project panel in the UI, such as:

  • Media reader

  • USD asset reader

  • CSV reader

  • Folder

  • 3D Scene

  • Composition

The Project class offer various functions to create these ProjectItem . For example, Autograph.Project.importFootage(filePath)() can be used to create a media reader:
myFootage.setDisplayName('My Footage')

Creating an empty Composition

Reacting to project events

You can register Python callable objects to react to the following events of the project: