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Creating a scene

Creating a Scene

An Autograph Scene is the basic Project Item to work with 3D. It helps you link one or multiples 3D Asset but also non destructively modify the 3D objects.

To create a Scene, click the Create Scene Button in the Project Panel:


We will now see how to:

  • Create 3D Objects form scratch
  • Link a 3D Asset or even another Scene

Create 3D Objects

To create a new 3D Object, jump to the Properties Panel of the Scene, and in the Outliner, click the Add Button:


You can currently create:

  1. Mesh Primitives
  2. Lights
  3. Cameras
  4. Xform also named null or empty
  5. USD Primitives
  6. Material


To understand the difference between Mesh and USD Primitives, click here

If there is at least one other Scene or 3D Asset in the Project Panel, you have the possibility to link them in your current Scene by reference by clicking on the Link by Reference Button. You are then prompted with all the available choices:



You can link the same Scene or Asset multiple times, but you can't create loops (link Scene1 in Scene2, then link Scene2 in Scene1)!

For more information about linking scenes in scenes, click here