Parameters and presets

To access composition parameters:


  • Format: lists all formats described in Preferences > Formats (refer to this section to know more about the Format parameter). The first item on the list is Custom which allows you to define another format by its:

    • its width and height in pixels
    • optionally, its pixel aspect ratio
  • Start Time: defines the timecode of the composition's first image. Useful for synchronizing a composition’s timecode with some multi-cam footage recorded in "Free run" mode, for example. This value can be negative.

  • Duration: sets the number of frames in a comp, or the timecode of its last image + 1 frame, according the frame rate.

  • Select Frame Rate: allows you to choose between a list of most-used presets or a custom value, when you set the composition frame rate.

  • Frame Rate: lists the most-used frame rates, from 8 to 120 FPS.

  • Before and After: similar to the reader’s "outside range" behavior, you can define what happens when you extend the range of a sub-composition further than its original duration, with extra options:

    • Hold: repeats the first/last frame of the comp infinitely
    • Loop: repeats the whole comp in loop infinitely; useful when creating a loopable animated "bug" (small logo always on-screen on TV channels) in a composition without worrying about it's duration
    • Bounce (sometimes referred to as "Ping-Pong"): repeats the whole comp back and forth, and is really useful when looping a non-loopable composition
    • Black: fills the extended images in full black - Continue (Default): extends the duration of a sub-composition; because a comp is considered to be temporally infinite, you can retrieve layers that started to appear after a comp’s original temporal range.
  • Enable Caching: please refer to the Caching section to know more about Composition caching.

  • Export Options: defines the main composition when you want to export a package and create an autonomous template, or if you want to create your own generator or modifier. Please refer to the Autonomous templates section to know more.