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Creating and removing links

In order to create a link between two parameters, start by clicking on the Generator slot of the one that will act as the driver, displaying the quad menu.

In the upper left part, select Copy Link, defining the source of the link.


Now let's focus on the parameter to be controlled. Click on its Generator slot and choose Paste Link.


The Generator slot of the driven parameter now contains an icon with a connected plug. The yellow plug on the top right, represents the driver where the information comes from. At the same time, the content of the driven parameters is grayed out, indicating that it cannot be modified locally.


A single driver can control several driven parameters. Depending on whether there are several driven parameters or only one, the disconnection procedure will have to be done accordingly.

In order to break the link between two or more parameters and give back autonomy to the driven parameter, just click on the Generator slot again. (If only one parameter is controlled, it doesn't matter if you click on the driver or driven.) Then you just have to choose Disconnect from, followed by the name of the connected parameter.

If the driver controls several parameters, disconnecting it will break the link with all driven ones. If you want to break the link for only one of them, you will have to click on its Generator slot rather than that of the master.