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Importing sources and assets

Adding items in the panel

To add import an item in the Project Panel, click on the arrow button at the top of the panel and choose the desired element:


  • Add Image Sequences or Videos: connect to video, raster or vector images, or image sequences
  • Add 3D Assets: connect to a *.usd file
  • Add Tables: connect to a *.csv file
  • Add Sub-Projects: connect to another Autograph project

Connecting and not importing

Four times we use the word "connect" instead of "import". This difference is very important because it means that:

  • Any external modification made on these items will update the data used by Autograph, automatically. Whether these are images, 3D scenes or numerical or textual data.
  • The project refers to them, but does not contain them. Copying your project, generally of small size, on a USD key and then trying to open it on another machine without copying these external resources will not allow you to find your project in the same state.

To retrieve all of these items, use the "Collect Files in Project"