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Image/Video Reader


Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
File / inputFile File
Before / beforeFirst Choice Hold
After / afterLast Choice Hold
Enable Cryptomatte / enableCryptomatte Boolean Off If enabled, the resulting image is the extracted matte based on the options below. If disabled, the Output Part parameter controls what is output from the OpenEXR file
Matte List / cryptoMatteList -
Layer Source / cryptoLayer Choice -
Output Mode / cryptoOutputMode Choice Matte Over Colored Preview Select what is output by Cryptomatte
Expand Wildcards / cryptoExpandWildcards Boolean Off If enabled, matte names can contain wildcard expressions. '*' character is used to match zero or more of any charaters. '?' matches any single character. The '' character can be used to escape the wildcard characters if the names of the object contain those characters.