The Render manager panel is the dedicated place where to export image and videos out of Autograph.


The render manager was designed to quickly export a video while still being able to control all audio/video codec parameters. In adding, in Autograph's render manager, a Composition can be render created with different variations which can be rendered at the same time. When clicking on a row selected on the left part of the panel, it will reveal its properties on the right side of the panel. Note that you can copy (Ctrl+C), paste (Ctrl+V) or duplicate(Ctrl+D) elements of the left part, you can even paste them as text in a notepad to be re-used as presets. Autograph will soon offer a preset system based on that functionnality.

A Composition is used to define what Composition is rendered and where.

One or multiple Render Instances can be created where each instance can override the parameters of the Composition. The Render Instance can also be used to specify an optional Audio file to encode in the output video. Note that Audio encoding this way is temporary as Autograph will soon have built-in Audio support within Compositions.

One or multiple Render Files can be created per Render Instance, where each instance specifies parameters of one output video or image sequence.

To add a new Composition render, you can either do so from the + button at the top of the panel:


Or by right-clicking and choosing Add to Render Manager on a Composition in the Project Panel