Tool options

The Option bar is located at the top of the viewer:


From left to right:

  • Curve type: as explained in the Overview section.
  • Select the next path function
    • Add path: add a new path to a selected layer if a Path group already exists, or create a new Shape layer if nothing is selected.
    • Draw a fill shape in the selected layer's mask (also work if multiple layers are selected).
  • Reverse the point order of the current shape. Can be useful when animating a layer along curve or use the Start/End parameters for stroke..
  • Ripple Edit: when activated, the transforms applied to the points will be propagated to all their existing keyframes as well.
  • Validate and close shape: shortcut is ++enter++ during the curve creation.
  • Validate shape: validate the creation of the shape without closing it. Shortcut is ++escape++.