Supported media files

Autograph is capable of playing the most common media files in modern production. From MP4/h.264 files to ProRes, encoded Quicktime files, MVK, WebM containers, as well as the latest codecs like AV1.

All of these files can be separated into four categories:

  • Images
  • Image sequences
  • Movies (video files)
  • SVG (vector files)

To add an Image reader to the Project Panel, click on the arrow button at the top of the panel and choose Add Image Sequences or Videos. A new element will appear. Click on it once to display its parameters in the Properties Panel.


The first field, File, allows you to define the path to the image(s) you want to load.


By clicking on the "" button, you can open the file browser to access your file(s). Once loaded, the Absolute or Relative path (depending of your choice in the browser) to this file will be displayed.

If you select an Image sequence, the path name will be as follows:


Pay attention to the "#####" in the path. This describes the padding, or the number of digits used in the filename to number images.

If you didn't check the Sequence View button in the browser and accidentally loaded only one file, such as "image_sequence_00001.png", simply replace "00001" by "#####" to tell the Reader that you want to read an image sequence. No need to open the file browser again and go through your files.

For more information about the file browser, please refer to this section.

The reload button (two circular arrows) on the right allows you to reload the content of the targeted file(s) when they have been rewritten and overwritten by a new version. This button allows you to update the Reader content.