Extend initial range

A layer’s visibility is defined by its visibility keys. It can appear and disappear multiple times on the same line, depending on these keys.

The image used by a layer at a given time depends on several elements:

  • The source type (animated or not)
  • The time offset
  • The speed multiplier
  • Time remapping

The source is the most important element here because it defines a range:

  • Some sources have a defined range with a limited duration (image sequence, movie, sub-composition)
  • Some sources don't have any range and are temporally infinite (most generators, such as Circle, Constant, Polygon, Noise, Shape, etc)

In all cases, a limited range can be extended by moving the visibility keys further than the last frame.

The block drawn in the dope sheet for each layer can have two different looks:

  • The initial range of a source or an infinite range is drawn as a flat surface


  • The extended part is represented by diagonal lines.


The way this extension is filled is defined by the Before and After parameters:

  • Available in the Reader parameters and described in this section
  • Available in the Composition parameters and described in this section