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Copy/paste between projects

Copying and pasting parameters: a matter of dimension consistency

The same concept of dimensions applies when you copy/paste a parameter. Clicking the name of the Position param in the stack or the Properties panel, then clicking on Copy, will take both dimensions into account when you paste it onto another 2D Param (and only one of this type of param). If you try to copy/paste a 2D param to a 1D param or the opposite, like Position in a 2D Rotation, nothing will happen.

In order to copy/paste, link, or share parameters, it's important that they are of the same type and dimension. To link a Position to a Scale for example, you first need to switch it to Unified mode rather than leaving it in Single mode, even if Scale is a 2D param.

Copying and pasting between projects

Autograph allows you to create or open several projects at the same time in two main windows, or more. You can copy/paste parameters between two windows, from one project to another, but it is also possible to transport a complete layer with its generator and modifiers, a group of layers, or even a composition and its sublayers.

All dependencies related to the project will be recreated according to these copy/paste operations:

  • All missing compositions will be created in the Project panel
  • If layers use readers as sources, they will be recreated, setting the right path to load images, movies, tables, 3D assets, etc..

This allows you to quickly replicate entire pieces from one project to another. If your goal is to refer to an external project with which you want to keep a dynamic link, use Sub-Projects instead, described in this section.

Communicating with external applications

Each time you perform a Copy, Autograph actually creates a JSON string that is copied to your clipboard. You just have to paste it into a text editor to see it.


Autograph uses this information to exchange data between project elements and even projects themselves. Since this data is textual in form, it’s possible for an external application to generate this type of data in order to import it into Autograph using Paste, or to read this data after having generated it with Copy.