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Creating a dependency tree

At the top right of the timeline, you will find different modules:


Switching to the Parenting module will show you a blank area, replacing the dope sheet. Now, you can drag layers from the stack on left to this area, in order to create dependency trees.


After a first drag and drop, a new line with the name of the dragged layer will appear.

If you drag another layer from the stack to the right, you can:

  • Create a new tree by dragging your layer to the void
  • Parent a layer by dragging it over the name of an existing layer in the tree

If your cursor is between two layers or even two branches, a long yellow line will appear, indicating that you can insert a layer into this spot.


Layers can be reordered, parented, or unparented by simply clicking and dragging them.

You can also select a layer in the tree and delete it to remove the parenting.

Selecting parent and children

Each name in the tree is also clickable, in order to directly scroll and reveal the corresponding layer in the stack.

This will also unfold the Transform properties to easily access the Transform Modifiers. That's because when you create this tree, you actually automatically add/remove modifiers to the children’s Transform.