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Importing sources and assets

Adding items into the Project Panel

To add an item to the Project Panel, click on the arrow button at the top of the panel and select the element you wish to add:


  • Add Image Sequences or Videos: connects to video, raster or vector images, and image sequences
  • Add 3D Assets: connects to a .usd file
  • Add Tables: connects to a .csv file
  • Add Fonts: connects to a .ttf or .otf file, to use a font who is not installed in you system
  • Add Sub-Projects: connects to another Autograph project

Connecting and not importing

We use the term "connect" instead of "import" as the difference is very important. Connecting means that:

  • Any external modification made to these items will automatically update the data Autograph uses - whether these items are images, 3D scenes, numerical data, or textual data.
  • The project refers to them, but does not contain them. So, for example, if you were to copy a small project onto a USB key and try to open it on another device without having also copied the external resources, the project may not be in the same state as on your original device.

To retrieve all of these items, use the "Collect Files in Project"