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Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
Enabled / enabled Boolean On
Use Plain Text / use_plain_text Boolean Off
Source Text / plain_text
Anchor Point Grouping / anchorPointGrouping Choice Character Grouping of anchor points for character scaling and rotation.
- Character
- Word
- Line
Fixed Text Box / useFixedTextBox Boolean Off
Text Box / textBox 0, -500, 500, 0
Animators / animators -
Crop To Composition Format / cropToComp Boolean Off Crops the region of definition of this effect to the format of the composition. Useful to increase performance if you do not need the effect to be defined beyond the bounds of the composition.
Motion Blur Divisions / divisions Float 1 The number of samples to use for the motion-blur. The higher the number is, the more accurate is the motion-blur when large motion is involved, but the slower it is to render.
Motion Blur Shutter Angle / shutterAngle Float 180 The shutter angle controls the time period over which light can pass. A wider angle increases motion-blur
Motion Blur Shutter Phase / shutterPhaseType Choice Centered
- Centered: The shutter opens half the shutter duration before the current time and closes half the shutter duration after
- Start: The shutter opens at the current time and closes after the shutter duration is elapsed
- End: The shutter opens at the current time minus the shutter duration and closes at the current time
- Custom: The shutter opens at the time determined by a custom phase: the phase is an offset on the shutter angle, assuming the shutter opens at 0
Motion-blur Custom Phase / customPhase Float -90 An offset to the shutter angle, assuming the shutter opens at 0: A Shutter angle of 180 with a phase of -90 means that the shutter will be opened half a frame, centered around the current time