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Layer Image

Brief Description

The Layer Image returns a reference of an image of a specific layer (if in Source or Source With Modifiers mode) or the given layer blended with the rest of the Composition below if in Post Blend mode. This is useful to duplicate an element without making a hard-copy of it but just referring to the element so that if anything changes in the source, it is reflected in the copy.

If the blend mode of the layer that uses the Layer Image is set to replace and the Layer Image Which parameter is set to Post-Blend, this will act as an Adjustement Layer to everything below in the Composition stack.

N.B: When set in Post-Blend mode, the Layer Image can only reference layers that are below in the Composition, otherwise this would create a cyclic dependency and Autograph will prevent you to do so.

Referencing 3D layers

The Layer Image is also able to reference a 3D layer. If the referenced layer is a 3D layer, a new render of the 3D scene to which the 3D layer belongs to will be performed, unless Use Existing 3D render is checked. Launching a new 3D render is very useful to extract other render passes of a scene (such as the Z depth) or to render it with a different format.


Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
Enabled / enabled Boolean On
Layer Source / layerSource Choice Layer Below
- Layer Below
- Layer Above
- Linked Layer
Layer / layer Link -
Follow Time / followTime Boolean On When checked, the layer rect is sampled at the local time of the layer pointed to. When unchecked, the layer rect is sampled at the time of this layer
Which / which Choice Post Blend
- Source
- Source With Modifiers
- Post Blend
Use Existing 3D Render / useExisting3DRender Boolean On When checked, the color pass image in output of the pointed 3D scene is re-used. When unchecked, you can render a new pass of the 3D scenes, possibly using different settings
Render Delegate / render_delegate Choice Filament
- Storm
- Filament
AoV / aov Choice Color
- Color
- Depth
Use Parent Comp 3D Settings / inherit3DSettings Boolean On When checked, the 3D renderer settings are inherited from the parent Composition settings.
Output Format / output_format_mode Choice Composition Format
- Preset
- Composition Format
- Custom
Format / formatPreset Choice HD (1920x1080)
- PC VIDEO (640x480)
- NTSC (720x486:0.91)
- PAL (720x576:1.09)
- NTSC 16:9 (720x486:1.21)
- PAL 16:9 (720x576:1.46)
- QHD (960x540)
- LHD (1280x720)
- HD (1920x1080)
- UHD 4K (3840x2160)
- UHD 8K (7680x4320)
- Super35 1K FULL AP (1024x778)
- Cinemascope 1K (914x778:2.00)
- Super35 2K FULL AP (2048x1556)
- Cinemascope 2K (1828x1556:2.00)
- DCP 2K (2048x1080)
- Super35 4K FULL AP (4096x3112)
- DCP 4K (4096x2160)
- Square 256 (256x256)
- Square 512 (512x512)
- Square 1K (1024x1024)
- Square 2K (2048x2048)
- Format 21 (1920x1080)
Width / width Float 1920
Height / height Float 1080
Pixel Aspect Ratio / customAspect Float 1
Camera / camera Choice -
Filament Settings / FilamentSettings Category -
Ambient Occlusion / group:Ambient Occlusion Category -
Enabled / filament_ao_enabled Boolean Off
Bent normals / filament_ao_bent_normals Boolean Off
Min. Horizon Angle / filament_min_horiz_angle Float 0 Minimum angle to consider
Quality / filament_ao_quality Choice Ultra
- Low
- Medium
- High
- Ultra
Radius / filament_ao_radius Float 0.3 Ambient Occlusion radius in meters, between 0 and ~10.
Intensity / filament_ao_intensity Float 1 Strength of the Ambient Occlusion effect
Bias / filament_ao_bias Float 0.0005 Self-occlusion bias in meters. Use to avoid self-occlusion. Between 0 and a few mm
Bilateral threshold / filament_ao_bilateral_threshold Float 0.05 Depth distance that constitute an edge for filtering
Power / filament_ao_power Float 1 Controls ambient occlusion's contrast. Must be positive.
Upsampling / filament_ao_upsampling Choice Ultra
- Low
- Medium
- High
- Ultra
Low pass filter / filament_ao_low_pass_filter Choice Ultra
- Low
- Medium
- High
- Ultra
SSCT / filament_ssct_enabled Boolean Off Enable or disable screen space cone tracing for ambient shadows of dominant lights
Light Cone Radius / filament_ssct_light_cone_radius Float 1
SSCT Shadow Distance / filament_ssct_shadow_distance Float 0.3 How far shadows can be cast
SSCT Contact Distance / filament_ssct_contact_distance Float 1 Max distance for contact
SSCT Intensity / filament_ssct_intensity Float 0.8
SSCT Light Direction / filament_ssct_light_direction Float 3D 0, -1, 0
SSCT Depth Bias / filament_ssct_depth_bias Float 0.01 Depth bias in world units (mitigate self-shadowing
SSCT Depth Slope Bias / filament_ssct_depth_slope_bias Float 0.01 Depth slope bias (mitigate self-shadowing
SSCT Sample Count / filament_ssct_sample_count Float 4 Tracing sample count
SSCT Ray Count / filament_ssct_ray_count Float 1 Tracing ray count
Depth of field / group:Depth of field Category -
Enabled / filament_dof_enabled Boolean Off Enable or disable depth of field effect
COC Scale / filament_dof_coc_scale Float 1 Circle of confusion scale factor (amount of blur)
COC Aspect Ratio / filament_dof_coc_aspect Float 1 width/height aspect ratio of the circle of confusion (simulate anamorphic lenses)
Filter / filament_dof_filter Choice Median filter to use for filling gaps in the kernel
- None
- Median
Max aperture diameter / filament_dof_max_aperture_diameter Float 0.01 Maximum aperture diameter in meters (zero to disable rotation)
Max background COC / filament_dof_max_background_coc Float 0 maximum circle-of-confusion in pixels for the background
Max foreground COC / filament_dof_max_foreground_coc Float 0 maximum circle-of-confusion in pixels for the foreground
Native resolution / filament_dof_native_resolution Boolean On perform DoF processing at native resolution
Background Ring Count / filament_dof_background_ring_count Float 0 number of kernel rings for background tiles
Foreground Ring Count / filament_dof_foreground_ring_count Float 0 number of kernel rings for foreground tiles
Fast-Gather Ring Count / filament_dof_fast_gather_ring_count Float 0 number of kernel rings for fast tiles
Fog / group:Fog Category -
Enabled / filament_fog_enabled Boolean Off enable or disable fog
Color / filament_fog_color Color 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1 fog's color
Density / filament_fog_density Float 0.1 fog's density at altitude given by 'height'
Distance / filament_fog_distance Float 0 distance in world units from the camera where the fog starts ( >= 0.0 )
Height / filament_fog_height Float 0 fog's floor in world units
Height falloff / filament_fog_height_falloff Float 1 how fast fog dissipates with altitude
Maximum opacity / filament_fog_maximum_opacity Float 1 fog's maximum opacity between 0 and 1
Fog Color from IBL / filament_fog_color_from_ibl Boolean Off Fog color will be modulated by the IBL color in the view direction.
In-scattering size / filament_fog_in_scattering_size Float -1 size of in-scattering (>0 to activate). Good values are >> 1 (e.g. ~10 - 100).
In-scattering Start / filament_fog_in_scattering_start Float 0 distance in world units from the camera where in-scattering starts
FXAA / filament_fxaa Boolean Off
Multisample anti-aliasing / group:Multisample anti-aliasing Category -
Enabled / filament_msaa_enabled Boolean On
Sample count / filament_msaa_sample_count Float 16
Custom resolve / filament_msaa_custom_resolve Boolean Off
Shadow Type / filament_shadow_type Choice Percentage-Closer Filtered (PCF)
- Percentage-Closer Filtered (PCF)
- Variance Shadows (VSM)
- PCM + Contact Hardening (DPCF)
- PCM + Contact Hardening + Soft Shadows (PCSS)
Soft shadows / group:Soft shadows Category -
Penumbra ratio scale / filament_soft_shadows_penumbra_ratio_scale Float 1 Globally scales the computed penumbra ratio of all DPCF and PCSS shadows.
Penumbra scale / filament_soft_shadows_penumbra_scale Float 1 Globally scales the penumbra of all DPCF and PCSS shadows
Screen-Space Reflections / group:Screen-Space Reflections Category -
Enabled / filament_ssr_enabled Boolean Off Enable Screen-Space Reflections
Thickness / filament_ssr_thickness Float 0.1 Ray thickness (world units)
Bias / filament_ssr_bias Float 0.01 Bias, in world units, to prevent self-intersections
Max distance / filament_ssr_max_distance Float 3 Maximum distance, in world units, to raycast
Stride / filament_ssr_stride Float 2 stride, in texels, for samples along the ray
Temporal Anti-Aliasing / group:Temporal Anti-Aliasing Category -
Enabled / filament_taa_enabled Boolean Off Enable TAA
Filter Width / filament_taa_filter_width Float 1 Reconstruction filter width typically between 0 (sharper, aliased) and 1 (smoother)
Feedback / filament_taa_feedback Float 0.12 History feedback, between 0 (maximum temporal AA) and 1 (no temporal AA).
Variance shadow maps / group:Variance shadow maps Category -
Anisotropy / filament_vsm_anisotropy Float 0 Number of anisotropic samples to use when sampling a VSM shadow map
Light bleed reduction / filament_vsm_light_bleed_reduction Float 0.15 VSM light bleeding reduction amount, between 0 and 1
Minimum variance scale / filament_vsm_min_variance_scale Float 0.5 VSM minimum variance scale, must be positive
Mipmapping / filament_vsm_mipmapping Boolean Off Whether to generate mipmaps for all VSM shadow maps
Adjust To Source Format / adjustToFormat Boolean Off When checked, the size of the image is exactly the size of the input format