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Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
Instance Mode / instanceMode Choice Source
Num. Dimensions / numDimensions Choice 1
Dimension 1 Size / dim0_size Float 0
Dimension 2 Size / dim1_size Float 0
Dimension 3 Size / dim2_size Float 0
Dimension 4 Size / dim3_size Float 0
Template / instance_template Image -
Layers Origin / layersOriginMode Choice Invividual Origins
Layers Origin X / originX Choice Center
Layers Origin Y / originY Choice Center
Instance Transform 1 / transformDim0
Instance Transform 2 / transformDim1
Instance Transform 3 / transformDim2
Instance Transform 4 / transformDim3
Accumulate Transform / accumTransform Boolean Off When checked, each instance have the transform applied as many times as its instance index + 1
Apply Transform To First Instance / appliesToFirstInstance Boolean Off When checked, the instance transform is also applied to the first instance
Motion-Blur / motionBlur Category -
Motion-Blur Quality / mbQuality Float 0 Quality of the motion-blur sampling. 0 disables motion-blur. 0.25 gives an appropriate amount of samples. The higher the value, the slower the render.
Shutter Angle / shutterAngle Float 180 The shutter angle controls the time period over which light can pass. A wider angle increases motion-blur
Shutter Phase / shutterPhaseType Choice Centered
Custom Phase / customPhase Float -90 An offset to the shutter angle, assuming the shutter opens at 0°: A Shutter angle of 180° with a phase of -90° means that the shutter will be opened half a frame, centered around the current time
Layer Index Mode / layerIndexMode Choice Bottom To Top
Instance Layer Index / layerIndex Float 0
Layer Index Start Offset / layerIndexStartOffset Float 0
Layer Index Step / layerIndexStep Float 1
Layer Index Wrap / layerIndexWrapMode Choice Loop
Layer Index Seed / layerIndexRandomSeed Float 0
Index Mode / instanceIndexMode Choice Forward How to iterate through instances. This affects Accumulate Transform, Accumulate Time Offset, Accumulate Opacity and blending order
Shuffle Seed / instanceShuffleSeed Float 0
Instance Time Offset / timeOffset Time 0
Accumulate Time Offset / accumTimeOffset Boolean Off When checked, each instance have the time offset applied as many times as its instance index + 1
Accumulate Time Offset Mode / timeOffsetMode Choice Stacking Index Whether to use the Instance Index or the Stacking Index to accumulate the time offset
Instance Opacity / opacity Float 1
Accumulate Opacity / accumOpacity Boolean Off When checked, each instance have the opacity applied as many times as its instance index + 1
Instance Blend Mode / blendMode Choice Normal