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Image/Video Reader


Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
File / inputFile File
Enable Caching / enableCaching Boolean On When checked, the media frames are cached in the Media Cache for faster access in subsequent requests. This is generally very useful while modifying the project if using the media on a layer. If doing only playback or rendering of long sequences, this setting is probably useless as it caches frames that will eventually be removed from the cache because of its size limit. In these situations, unchecking can even improve performances.
On Missing Frame / missingFrameMode Choice Load Previous
Before / beforeFirst Choice Hold
After / afterLast Choice Hold
Proxy File / proxyFile File The proxy file is a distinct video/image sequence that can be read instead of the main video, generally to provide a lower resolution that is used to speed-up the project. The proxy file is used waccording to the Proxy Mode parameter. To work best, the proxy image should have the same aspect ratio and the same metadata (channels, etc...)
Proxy Mode / proxyMode Choice Greater Or Equal When to use the proxy file, when specified
File Alpha Premult / filePremult Choice Auto Controls the alpha-premultiplication metadata used to interpret the file. Some softwares advertise misleading values which can cause wrong interpretation of the footage. This parameter allows to force a different interpretation.
Background Color / bgColor Color 0, 0, 0, 0 If the image file contains a alpha premultiplied foreground blended with a background that is not black, you may remove the background by specifying its color here. This is useful in some cases for wrongful files exported by some third party softwares with file formats other than png. The background color is removed using the following formula: output.rgb = src.rgb - background_color.rgb * (1.0 - src.a)
Colorspace Correction / enableCS Boolean On When checked, the image colorspace will be converted to the colorspace defined in Output Colorspace
File Colorspace / fileCS Choice - The colorspace detected from the file metadata. Some files may advertise incorrect colorspace, this allows to override the colorspace metadata from the file.
Output Colorspace / outputCS Choice Project Working Space The colorspace in output of the footage, as seen by layers
Enable Cryptomatte / enableCryptomatte Boolean Off If enabled, the resulting image is the extracted matte based on the options below. If disabled, the Output Part parameter controls what is output from the OpenEXR file
Matte List / cryptoMatteList -
Layer Source / cryptoLayer Choice -
Output Mode / cryptoOutputMode Choice Matte Over Colored Preview Select what is output by Cryptomatte
Expand Wildcards / cryptoExpandWildcards Boolean Off If enabled, matte names can contain wildcard expressions. '*' character is used to match zero or more of any charaters. '?' matches any single character. The '' character can be used to escape the wildcard characters if the names of the object contain those characters.
Separate Fields / fieldOrder Choice Off For interlaced videos, determine which field is dominant. To determine which field is dominant, scrub the footage through a shot with visible motion on the timeline. If the motion appears to go back and forth, this is because the wrong dominant field was selected.
Algorithm / deinterlaceMode Choice Duplicate (Bob)
Override FPS / fpsOverride Float 1 Set the framerate at which the image sequence should be read
Reformat / reformatMode Choice None Controls the format of the image
Format / outputFormat Choice HD (1920x1080)
Width / output_width Float 0
Height / output_height Float 0
Pixel Aspect / pixelAspect Float 0
Type / constraint Choice Width
Mirror H. / mirror_h Boolean Off
Mirror V. / mirror_v Boolean Off
Crop Transparent Borders / autoCropAlpha Boolean Off
Centered Crop / centered Boolean Off