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Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
USD source / source -
Render Delegate / render_delegate Choice Storm
AoV / aov Choice Color
Output Format / output_format_mode Choice Composition Format
Format / formatPreset Choice HD (1920x1080)
Width / width Float 1920
Height / height Float 1080
Pixel Aspect Ratio / customAspect Float 1
Render Pixel Aspect Ratio / renderCustomAspect Float 1
Camera / camera Choice -
Camera Light / CameraLight Boolean On
Filament Settings / FilamentSettings Category -
Filament Settings / FilamentSettings1 Category -
Ambient Occlusion / group:Ambient Occlusion Category -
Enabled / filament_ao_enabled Boolean Off
Bent normals / filament_ao_bent_normals Boolean Off
Quality / filament_ao_quality Choice Ultra
Resolution / filament_ao_resolution Float 1 How each dimension of the Ambient Occlusion buffer is scaled. Must be either 0.5 or 1
Radius / filament_ao_radius Float 0.3 Ambient Occlusion radius in meters, between 0 and ~10.
Intensity / filament_ao_intensity Float 1 Strength of the Ambient Occlusion effect
Bias / filament_ao_bias Float 0.0005 Self-occlusion bias in meters. Use to avoid self-occlusion. Between 0 and a few mm
Bilateral threshold / filament_ao_bilateral_threshold Float 0.05 Depth distance that constitute an edge for filtering
Power / filament_ao_power Float 1 Controls ambient occlusion's contrast. Must be positive.
Upsampling / filament_ao_upsampling Choice Ultra
Low pass filter / filament_ao_low_pass_filter Choice Ultra
Enable Screen-Space Shadow Cone-Tracing (SSCT) / filament_ssct_enabled Boolean Off Enable or disable screen space cone tracing for ambient shadows of dominant lights
Light Cone Radius / filament_ssct_light_cone_radius Float 1
SSCT Shadow Distance / filament_ssct_shadow_distance Float 0.3 How far shadows can be cast
SSCT Contact Distance / filament_ssct_contact_distance Float 1 Max distance for contact
SSCT Intensity / filament_ssct_intensity Float 0.8
SSCT Light Direction / filament_ssct_light_direction Float 3D 0, -1, 0
SSCT Depth Bias / filament_ssct_depth_bias Float 0.01 Depth bias in world units (mitigate self-shadowing
SSCT Depth Slope Bias / filament_ssct_depth_slope_bias Float 0.01 Depth slope bias (mitigate self-shadowing
SSCT Sample Count / filament_ssct_sample_count Float 4 Tracing sample count
SSCT Ray Count / filament_ssct_ray_count Float 1 Tracing ray count
Depth of field / group:Depth of field Category -
Enabled / filament_dof_enabled Boolean Off Enable or disable depth of field effect
COC Scale / filament_dof_coc_scale Float 1 Circle of confusion scale factor (amount of blur)
Filter / filament_dof_filter Choice Median filter to use for filling gaps in the kernel
Max aperture diameter / filament_dof_max_aperture_diameter Float 0.01 Maximum aperture diameter in meters (zero to disable rotation)
Max background COC / filament_dof_max_background_coc Float 0 maximum circle-of-confusion in pixels for the background
Max foreground COC / filament_dof_max_foreground_coc Float 0 maximum circle-of-confusion in pixels for the foreground
Native resolution / filament_dof_native_resolution Boolean Off perform DoF processing at native resolution
Background Ring Count / filament_dof_background_ring_count Float 0 number of kernel rings for background tiles
Foreground Ring Count / filament_dof_foreground_ring_count Float 0 number of kernel rings for foreground tiles
Fast-Gather Ring Count / filament_dof_fast_gather_ring_count Float 0 number of kernel rings for fast tiles
Fog / group:Fog Category -
Enabled / filament_fog_enabled Boolean Off enable or disable fog
Color / filament_fog_color Color 0, 0, 0, 1 fog's color
Density / filament_fog_density Float 0.1 fog's density at altitude given by 'height'
Distance / filament_fog_distance Float 0 distance in world units from the camera where the fog starts ( >= 0.0 )
Height / filament_fog_height Float 0 fog's floor in world units
Height falloff / filament_fog_height_falloff Float 1 how fast fog dissipates with altitude
Maximum opacity / filament_fog_maximum_opacity Float 1 fog's maximum opacity between 0 and 1
Fog Color from IBL / filament_fog_color_from_ibl Boolean Off Fog color will be modulated by the IBL color in the view direction.
In-scattering size / filament_fog_in_scattering_size Float -1 size of in-scattering (>0 to activate). Good values are >> 1 (e.g. ~10 - 100).
In-scattering Start / filament_fog_in_scattering_start Float 0 distance in world units from the camera where in-scattering starts
FXAA / filament_fxaa Boolean Off
Multisample anti-aliasing / group:Multisample anti-aliasing Category -
Enabled / filament_msaa_enabled Boolean On
Sample count / filament_msaa_sample_count Float 16
Custom resolve / filament_msaa_custom_resolve Boolean Off
Shadow Type / filament_shadow_type Choice Percentage-Closer Filtered (PCF)
Soft shadows / group:Soft shadows Category -
Penumbra ratio scale / filament_soft_shadows_penumbra_ratio_scale Float 1 Globally scales the computed penumbra ratio of all DPCF and PCSS shadows.
Penumbra scale / filament_soft_shadows_penumbra_scale Float 1 Globally scales the penumbra of all DPCF and PCSS shadows
Screen-Space Reflections / group:Screen-Space Reflections Category -
Enabled / filament_ssr_enabled Boolean Off Enable Screen-Space Reflections
Thickness / filament_ssr_thickness Float 0.1 Ray thickness (world units)
Bias / filament_ssr_bias Float 0.01 Bias, in world units, to prevent self-intersections
Max distance / filament_ssr_max_distance Float 3 Maximum distance, in world units, to raycast
Stride / filament_ssr_stride Float 2 stride, in texels, for samples along the ray
Variance shadow maps / group:Variance shadow maps Category -
Anisotropy / filament_vsm_anisotropy Float 0 Number of anisotropic samples to use when sampling a VSM shadow map
Light bleed reduction / filament_vsm_light_bleed_reduction Float 0.15 VSM light bleeding reduction amount, between 0 and 1
Minimum variance scale / filament_vsm_min_variance_scale Float 0.5 VSM minimum variance scale, must be positive
Mipmapping / filament_vsm_mipmapping Boolean Off Whether to generate mipmaps for all VSM shadow maps
Radeon ProRender Settings / rprSettings Category -
Render Quality / rpr_core_renderQuality Choice Northstar
Render Mode / rpr_core_renderMode Choice Global Illumination
Radius / rpr_ambientOcclusion_radius Float 1
Contour / group:Contour Category -
Antialiasing / rpr_contour_antialiasing Float 1
Use Normal / rpr_contour_useNormal Boolean On Whether to use geometry normals for edge detection or not
Line-Width Normal / rpr_contour_lineWidthNormal Float 1 Linewidth of edges detected via normals
Normal Threshold / rpr_contour_normalThreshold Float 45
Use Primitive ID / rpr_contour_usePrimID Boolean On Whether to use primitive Id for edge detection or not
Line-Width Primitive ID / rpr_contour_lineWidthPrimID Float 1 Linewidth of edges detected via Primitive Id
Use Material ID / rpr_contour_useMaterialID Boolean On Whether to use material Id for edge detection or not
Line-Width Material ID / rpr_contour_lineWidthMateriaID Float 1 Linewidth of edges detected via Material Id
Enable Color Alpha / rpr_alpha_enable Boolean On
Enable Beauty Motion-Blur / rpr_beautyMotionBlur_enable Boolean On If disabled, only velocity AOV will store information about movement on the scene. Required for motion blur that is generated in post-processing.
Use Uniform Seed / rpr_uniformSeed Boolean On
Denoise / group:Denoise Category -
Enable A.I Denoise / rpr_denoising_enable Boolean Off
Minimum Iteration / rpr_denoising_minIter Float 4
Iteration Step / rpr_denoising_iterStep Float 32
Sampling / group:Sampling Category -
Max Samples / rpr_maxSample Float 256 Maximum number of samples to render for each pixel
Min Samples / rpr_adaptiveSampling_minSample Float 64 Minimum number of samples to render for each pixel. After this, adaptive sampling will stop sampling pixels where noise is less than 'Variance Threshold'
Noise Threshold / rpr_adaptiveSampling_noiseTreshold Float 0 Cutoff for adaptive sampling. Once pixels are below this amount of noise, no more samples are added. Set to 0 for no cutoff
Quality / group:Quality Category -
Max Ray Depth / rpr_quality_rayDepth Float 3 The number of times that a ray bounces off various surfaces before being terminated
Diffuse Ray Depth / rpr_quality_rayDepthDiffuse Float 3 The maximum number of times that a light ray can be bounced off diffuse surfaces
Glossy Ray Depth / rpr_quality_rayDepthGlossy Float 3 The maximum number of ray bounces from specular surfaces
Refraction Ray Depth / rpr_quality_rayDepthRefraction Float 3 The maximum number of times that a light ray can be refracted, and is designated for clear transparent materials, such as glass
Glossy Refraction Ray Depth / rpr_quality_rayDepthGlossyRefraction Float 3 The Glossy Refraction Ray Depth parameter is similar to the Refraction Ray Depth. The difference is that it is aimed to work with matte refractive materials, such as semi-frosted glass
Shadow Ray Depth / rpr_quality_rayDepthShadow Float 3 Controls the accuracy of shadows cast by transparent objects. It defines the maximum number of surfaces that a light ray can encounter on its way causing these surfaces to cast shadows
Ray Cast Epsilon / rpr_quality_raycastEpislon Float 0.002 Determines an offset used to move light rays away from the geometry for ray-surface intersection calculations
Max Radiance / rpr_quality_radianceClamping Float 0 Limits the intensity, or the maximum brightness, of samples in the scene. Greater clamp radiance values produce more brightness. Set to 0.0 ot disable clamping
Interactive Quality / group:Interactive Quality Category -
Max Ray Depth / rpr_quality_interactive_rayDepth Float 2 Controls value of 'Max Ray Depth' in interactive mode
Resolution Downscale / rpr_quality_interactive_resolutionDownscale Float 3 Controls how much rendering resolution is downscaled in interactive mode. Formula: resolution / (2 ^ downscale). E.g. downscale==2 will give you 4 times smaller rendering resolution
Enable Downscale / rpr_quality_interactive_enableDownscale Boolean On Controls whether in interactive mode resolution should be downscaled or no
Hydra Settings / Hydra Settings Category -
Shading Mode / shading Choice Smooth Shading
Level of Refinement / complexity Float 1