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Shape: Stroke


Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
Path Group / geometry -
Stroke Width / stroke_width Float 15
Scale Stroke Width / scale_stroke_width Boolean On
Start / start Float 0
End / end Float 1
Offset / start_end_offset Float 0
Start/End Mode / start_end_mode Choice Join Paths Whether to apply start/end individually on each sub-path or as a whole
Start/End Cycling Mode / start_end_cycling_mode Choice Loop
Edge Draw Mode / outline_mode Choice Centered Where to draw the stroke
Cap Style / cap_style Choice Flat How the end points of lines are drawn
Join Style / join_style Choice Bevel How joins between two connected lines are drawn
Miter Limit / opacity Float 2 How far the miter join can extend from the join point
Pen Style / pen_style Choice Solid
Custom Dash Pattern / dash_pattern
Dash Start Offset / dash_offset Float 0 The starting point on the dash pattern
Stroke Color / strokeColor Color 1, 0, 1, 1
Colorspace / input_colorspace Choice Project Display Space
Opacity / opacity1 Float 1
Num Divisions / num_divisions Float 1 The number of samples to use for the motion-blur. The higher the number is, the more accurate is the motion-blur when large motion is involved, but the slower it is to render.
Shutter Angle / shutter_angle Float 180 The shutter angle controls the time period over which light can pass. A wider angle increases motion-blur
Shutter Phase / phase_type Choice Centered
Custom Phase / custom_phase Float -90 An offset to the shutter angle, assuming the shutter opens at 0°: A Shutter angle of 180° with a phase of -90° means that the shutter will be opened half a frame, centered around the current time