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Audio Displace Path

Brief Description

Use an audio signal waveform to displace points along the path


Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
Enabled / enabled Boolean On
Audio Source / audio_source Audio -
Channel / channel_index Choice Average Channels
- Average Channels
Start Time Mode / start_time_mode Choice Current Time
- Custom Start Time
- Current Time
Custom Start Time / start_time Time 0
End Time Mode / end_mode Choice Duration
- Duration
- Absolute Time
Duration / end_time Time 1
Samples Count / num_samples Float 512
Output Mode / output_value_mode Choice Average
- Amplitude
- Maximum
- Minimum
- Root Mean Square (RMS)
- Average
Subdivide Steps / subdivide_steps Float 3 Each existing segment will be divided into Steps + 1 new segments
Subdivide Threshold / subdivide_threshold Float 1 The minimum length of each new segment
Amplitude / amplitude Float 2D -200, 200
Fall-off / falloffGroup Category -
Enable Fall-off / enable_falloff Boolean Off
Fall-off Mode / falloff_mode Choice Rectangle
- Rectangle: Only portions of the path inside the rectangle will have the modification applied
- Follow Path: The fall-off curve defines which portion of the path have the modification applied
Fall-off Curve / falloff_curve When Fall-off mode is set to Rectangle, this is the shape of the ramp inside the rectangle area. The X axis represents values that are further from the center towards 0 and closer to the center towards 1. When Fall-off mode is set to Follow Path, The X axis values closer to 0 represent the start of the path and values closer to 1 represents the end of the path
Fall-off Rectangle / falloff_rect -200, -200, 200, 200
Invert Fall-off / invert_falloff Boolean Off Invert the Fall-off effect: areas that did not have the effect enabled will have it enabled and areas where it was enabled will have it dampened