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Image Displace

Brief Description

Displace points along the path based on image intensities


Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
Enabled / enabled Boolean On
Displacement Map / uv Image - The map used to displace the points of the path. Intensities at 0.5 do not displace the path. Towards 0, intensities apply a negative offset to the points, and towards 1 a positive offset.
Subdivide Steps / subdivide_steps Float 3 Each existing segment will be divided into Steps + 1 new segments
Subdivide Threshold / subdivide_threshold Float 1 The minimum length of each new segment
Amplitude / amplitude Float 2D -10, 10
Use UV Red Channel for Y / use_uv_red_for_xy Boolean Off When unchecked, the red component of the displacement image affects the X component of the path and the green component of the displacement image affects the Y component of the path. When checked, both components are affected only by the red channel of the image.
Follow Normals / follow_normal Boolean Off When checked, the displacement follows the path normals