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Trim Path

Brief Description

Trim a Path from its start and/or its end


Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
Enabled / enabled Boolean On
Start / start Float 0
End / end Float 1
Offset / offset Float 0
Display Mode / mode Choice Keep Segment
- Keep Segment
- Truncate Segment
Start/End Contours Mode / start_end_mode Choice Join Paths
- Join Paths
- Separate Paths
Start/End Cycling Mode / start_end_cycling_mode Choice Loop
- Loop
- Alternate
Accumulate Time Offset / accum_time_offset Boolean Off When checked, each sub-path have the time offset applied on the Start/End/Offset parameters as many times as its instance index + 1
Time Offset / start_end_time_offset Time 0 A time offset applied on the start/end/offset parameters. This is useful coupled with Accumulate Time Offset so that each sub-path have a different trim offset in time
Accumulate Distribution / accum_time_offset_index_mode Choice Forward How to iterate through sub-paths to accumulate the time offset
- Forward: Sub-paths are iterated from 0 to the total number of sub-paths - 1
- Backward: Sub-paths are iterated from the total number of sub-paths -1 to 0
- Shuffle: Sub-paths are iterated in a random order, controlled by Shuffle Seed
Shuffle Seed / accum_time_offset_shuffle_seed Float 0 The seed used to randomize the sub-paths when Accumulate Distribution is set to Shuffle