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Color Difference Key


Parameter / Script Name Type Default Function
Enabled / enabled Boolean On
Output mode / output Choice Final
- Source: Show the source
- Corrected source: Show the source after pre-matte corrections
- Raw matte: Show the matte before matte corrections
- Corrected matte: Show the matte after matte corrections
- Inpainting: Show the map used for the inpainting despill mode
- Status: Show matte status. White pixels are fully into the matte, grey pixels are partially into the matte, and black pixels are fully excluded. Green pixels show areas with a change in opacity due to matte correction.
- Edge Detect: Show the edge map used for fringe restoration
- Final: Show the final result
Screen Color / key_color Color 0, 1, 0, 1 The screen color to key
Pre-Matte / Pre-Matte Category -
Chroma Smoothing / pre_matte_chroma_blur_size Float 2D 0, 0 Smoothes the chroma component before keying.
Hue Shift / hue_shift Float 0 Hue shift to apply to the image before keying. May help to bring out the screen in the input image if it is not purely green or blue.
Key / Key Category -
Clean plate / clean_plate Image - Optional clean plate input. If set, non-transparent pixels of the clean plate take precedence over the specified screen color.
Alpha bias / alpha_bias Color 1, 1, 1, 1 Alpha bias
Despill bias / despill_bias Color 1, 1, 1, 1 Despill bias
Balance / despill_balance Float 0.5 Adjusts the balance between the two non-dominant color channels of the key color.
Matte / Matte Category - Matte grading and correction parameters
Garbage matte / garbage_matte Image - Matte used to identify regions to unconditonally remove from the final matte.
Core matte / core_matte Image - Matte used to identify regions to unconditonally add to the final matte.
Black Point / matte_blackpoint Float 0 Adjusts the black point of the matte. All values below this are excluded from the final matte.
White Point / matte_whitepoint Float 1 Adjusts the white point of the matte. All values above this are fully included into the final matte.
Lift / matte_lift Float 0 Any matte pixels that are black are set to this color.
Gain / matte_gain Float 1 Any matte pixels that are white are set to this color.
Multiply / matte_multiply Float 1 Multiplies the matte by this factor. This has the effect of lightening the result while preserving the black point.
Offset / matte_offset Float 0 Adds a fixed value to the matte.
Gamma / matte_gamma Float 1 Applies a constant gamma value to the matte. This lightens or darkens the intermediate values of the matte.
Invert / matte_invert Boolean Off Inverts the matte
Erode/Dilate / matte_erode_dilate_size Float 0 Erodes (negative value) or dilates (positive value) the matte
Fringe restoration / matte_fringe_restore Boolean Off Restores the fringes of the matte after correction
Fringe size / matte_fringe_size Float 0 The size of the fringe to restore on the matte
Post blur / matte_post_blur_size Float 0 Blurs the corrected matte
Output / Output Category -
Despill / despill Boolean On Whether to perform despill. When unchecked, only applies the matte.
Replace Method / replace_method Choice None Specifies the color replacement method on regions of the matte that have been affected by matte correction
- None
- Source: Replace with source color
- Hard Color
- Soft Color
- Inpainting: Replace with the color of the nearest pixel that is fully in the matte
Replacement Color / replacement_color Color 1, 1, 1, 1 Replacement color to use for the Hard Color and Soft Color despill modes.
Unpremultiply / output_unpremult Boolean Off Unpremultiply output