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Sharing and unsharing

Sharing parameters

Here we have two different layers and we want to share the scale parameter:

We can connect these two parameters using the Quad menu by clicking on:

  • Copy Share Group (you can also use the Ctrl/Cmd + C keys after selecting the parameter)
  • Paste Share Group

It doesn't matter which of the two parameters is selected first because they are being shared mutually.

Unsharing parameters

To unshare a parameter, simply open up the Quad menu again and select Unshare:

Sharing Modifiers or Modifier groups

In the previous example, we shared a numerical value. But as mentioned in the previous section, absolutely anything can be shared in Autograph.

Here is an example of how to share a Modifier group:

  • Select the Modifiers line representing the Modifier Group.
  • Press Ctrl/Cmd + C to Copy
  • Select the second layer
  • Use the Action menu to Paste (Shared) > Paste Modify Group

Now both layers share the same Modifiers.


Sharing a Modifier Group also lets you synchronize the removal or addition of future Modifiers.

Sharing while adding Modifiers or Generators

If multiple layers are selected when adding a Modifier, you will be asked if you want to share them or not.



This question will also be asked when adding a Generator.