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Speed multiplier

Like all other retiming operations, the Speed Multiplier will act on the entire layer – its parameters, keyframes, generators, and modifiers. By modifying this value, a time stretch will be applied to the layer, using the original speed as a reference.

  • A value of 0.5 will multiply the duration of the layer by 2, slowing down any animation
  • A value of 2.0 will divide the duration of the layer by 2, speeding up the layer's animation

The only parameter that can be excluded from this time stretch is the layer's visibility, through the Retime visibility switch.

As with Time offset, it is possible to connect, share, and control this parameter using a generator, but with the limitations mentioned in the "Connection to other parameters" section.

Time stretching and temporal reference point

When you change the Speed Multiplier value, the layer contracts or expands based on a reference point that remains unchanged. This point is the first frame of the initial range of a layer:

  • The first frame of a movie or an image sequence, regardless of the first visibility key
  • The first frame of a procedurally-generated layer, such as a Circle or Polygon.

This value cannot be negative and is not made to reverse footage. If you want to temporally reverse a layer, use Reverse Sequence instead.

If you want to control this time stretch using the notion of duration rather than speed, please refer to the Time Remapping features, which will also allow you to define a non-linear temporal interpolation.