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The Stack on the left is one of the two main Timeline panels. Here you can superimpose elements according to the principle of layer stacking.


Populating the Stack:

To add new layers to the Stack, you can:

  • Drag a Source from the Project panel to the Stack; this will create a new layer using this element as a Source
  • Click the "+" button at the top of the Timeline; usually used to create a new layer using a Generator as a Source
  • Copy/paste an existing layer; this can be done with or without a sharing option, available through the action button represented by a wrench

Reordering the Stack:

  • To move a layer or a group of selected layers up or down in the Stack, click and drag them to reorder the Stack
  • To move multiple layers from the bottom to the top, you can also cut and paste them.

To know more about selecting and reordering, please refer to this section.