The Viewer is a central element of Autograph. It allows you to inspect several types of image parameters, focusing on:

  • The result of a composition
  • A Source coming from a Reader in the Project panel (an image or animation, for example)
  • An image or Generator used by a Source or Mask
  • The result of a Modifier applied to a Source or Mask
  • 3D assets or full scenes

The notion of a Source is omnipresent in the software and represents the element connected to a slot. Keep this in mind.

It contains:

  • A selector that allows you to visualize the red, green and blue channels independently, with straight or premultiplied colors
  • Brightness and saturation editing controllers
  • A Colorspace selector to specify which one to use to display an image in the Viewer
  • Two slots that allow you to connect two sources in order to compare them.
  • A button to switch between 2D and 3D modes
  • Zoom level and auto-fit buttons
  • The format used by the Viewer, which may be different from the composition format
  • Visualization options such as transparent pixel background choice
  • Quick access to the visual stack
  • Tools and options relative to the active tool.
  • Display and optimization options to make the Viewer more reactive
  • A list to override the current format with another one
  • Controls allowing you to play the animation and control time
  • Render options such as Motion-Blur or Frame blending
  • A color picker