Visual stack

Despite Autograph's advanced selection process, sometimes getting an overview of all of the layers in a composition can be difficult, especially if some of them are hidden by others.

To better navigate in the Stack, you can use the button in the upper right corner to display the Visual Stack.


The Visual Stack is a stack of layers, represented in a 3D isometric view:

  • Layer order in the Visual Stack is similar to that of the Stack in the Timeline.
  • Only layers visible at the current time are displayed. If the playhead in the dope sheet is not positioned over a layer block, the layer block will be not displayed in the Visual Stack.
  • Each thumbnail is the same size and represents the content of a layer's bounding box, which is useful for very small or large images.
  • Layers with an infinite size ("Unbounded"), will be cropped by the format of the current composition.


On the left, you can see a counter that represents the number of the current layer.

You can navigate in this Stack using:

  • The mouse wheel
  • The scroller on the right