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New Features

  • PSD as Composition Import

  • Cryptomatte support

  • SVG to Composition Import

  • Added font file support to the Project Panel.

  • Quickly split EXR passes to different layers with a right-click action on an EXR footage in the project panel.

  • OpenColorIO ACES workflow: Expose Display Transforms in the Render Manager and in the OCIO Colorspace modifier so that they can be used to apply necessary tone-mapping to export videos for non color-managed video players.

  • Add new Boolean parameters Generators/Modifiers: And, Or, Negate, Numeric Comparison, String Match

  • Add a new text generator that returns the current layer name

  • Bulk file re-linking: when changing the target of a file-path, any other selected project item with a common directory to the item being renamed can now also automatically be renamed if a file exists in the new location


  • Add viewer fullscreen support. Can be enabled from the toolbar or with the Control (Command on mac) + Shift + F shortcut.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented tablets from being detected by Autograph on Linux.

  • Fixed a bug on configurations with multiple screens that prevented users from dragging a slider to the left.

  • Tablets do not function properly when dragging a slider. A new setting was added in the preferences section to work around that.

  • The user can now drag and drop panels in window edges to rearrange workspaces.

Minor changes

  • The AG_ALLOW_ADMIN environment variable can be set to a value of 1 to allow Autograph to run as administrator. This is useful for Windows users, but should be used with caution.

  • Sub-string/Insert-string/Change-case modifiers can now take a percentage instead of indices for easier string manipulation