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  • New animation workflow with Motion paths in viewport and editable retiming curve in the Retime Graph.

  • New Motion Path tool in the viewport to easily interact with keyframes of multiple paths

  • New Overview Tree: quickly navigate through generators and modifiers of your Composition, all while in the viewport. Can be displayed with the C shortcut when in the viewer
  • New Project Tree: quickly navigate between Compositions in your project. Can be displayed with the ALT + C shortcut when in the viewer

  • New Viewer embedded Properties Panel: Useful to show properties of the selected element right whithin the viewer as a semi transparent overlay. Combined with the Overview Tree, this allows a powerful immersive fullscreen viewport workspace. Can be displayed with the B shortcut when in the viewer
  • New buttons to go down/up in the Composition hierarchy, associated to the Page UP/DOWN shortcuts
  • Transform Tool: Add layer selection based on a rectangle
  • New Nudge options with keyboard Alt + arrow keys to easily move elements
  • New Background caching: Whenever you are not manipulating or rendering anything, Autograph will start caching surrounding frames in the timeline work areas. This can be enabled with a button in the top right toolbar
  • Add indicators when rendering or when background caching is active
  • Add button to freeze image in viewport: Press CTRL+P to activate/deactivate. This is useful to compare two distinct viewers
  • Move the mini-timeline to be part of the UI instead of an overlay and add a time scroller for ease of use

Project Panel

  • Copy/Paste of parameters between project items: useful to remember interpretation rules between media items


  • Quick menu access: Press Q any where when a layer is selected to show the modifiers menu bar. Press SHIFT+Q to add a new layer.
  • Python API is now open to Creator version, except automated Renders API
  • The interface has been cleaned up
  • Global Performance and stability improvements
  • Number editors now have built-in calculator functionnality: You can type +5 for example to add 5 to the current value (and +-5 to subtract 5). Works also with / * - % . In addition arbitrary Javascript expressions can be used, such as Math.PI
  • Preferences: Add Default Layer Color options to customize the default layers appearance


  • Add Orient Along Path option to the Transform section to automatically rotate the element along the normal of the trajectory defined by the animated position.
  • New right click options on Layers
  • Motion blur settings: change quality mode with 2 distinct modes: user defined Sample Count or Adaptive based on speed with Quality being treated as a multiplier on the calculated value.
  • New Invert Mask option to avoid having to set an Invert Modifier on the Mask

Generators & Modifiers

  • New Film Grain modifier
  • New Trigger Animation modifier
  • Drop Shadow: New Inner shadow mode
  • AutoContrast Modifier: New Maximum Override option
  • Spline Warp: add new global pins transform. Also fix bugs

  • New Transition generator and User created Transitions
  • New Pixel Analyzer modifier
  • New Add Noise modifier to complement the existing Noise generators. New Follow Normals option to the 2D version.
  • Audio Analyzer: change the way the result is calculated so that all frequencies are taken into account, regardless of their weight. This makes it much more controllable and intuitive.

  • Switch: new dissolve mode to progressively switch between sources when the source index is floating point
  • Instancer: Add centered option to instance transform. Add lifetime options to optimize performances of the instancer. Performances have been increased compared to previous versions.


  • Remove AOM AV1 encoder and add SVT AV1 Encoder support which is much faster

Beta Features

Notable bug fixes

  • PSD Import: fix conversion of Shape layers which caused a crash
  • UV Map generator: fix crashes which made it unusable
  • Filament renderer: fix rendering of shadows for point lights and spot lights


  • Linux installers now come with .rpm and .deb package that properly install needed dependencies. Installation instructions have been updated.
  • Update USD to 24.03

New YouTube playlist

  • Check out our YouTube playlist featuring some of Autograph’s key features.