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New Features

  • New Vector Blur Modifier: Add motion blur to an image with motion vectors that are either automatically generated or provided.

  • New Stroke Modifier. Add either solid or edge gradient contours to an object, based on the alpha channel.

  • New Posterize Modifier: Reduce the number of colors

  • New Transform to Vectors Generator: Convert either a Transform to a vector field, to be used with the Vector Blur or Distort modifiers.

  • New Displacement Map to Vectors Modifier: Convert a displacement map in the range [0,1] (e.g: a Noise) to Vectors to be used with the Vector Blur or Distort modifiers.
  • UI: Panels in the workspace can now be minimized to quickly hide and reveal a panel.


  • Text Layer: Improved motion blur. It now uses the same technique as the layer motion blur, and offers better quality and rendering speed without having to manually adapt the number of divisions.

  • Distort/Displace Modifier: Add Depth Image Param to control pixels z-order when using the Forward mode
  • Viewer: color info picker now also show intensities for the secondary view image
  • Param dimension mode menu: support multi-edit to easily convert multiple parameters at once
  • 3D Selection: better selection highlight with contour-based hint
  • 3D: restyled transformation gizmos and 3D guides

  • 3D: Add options in the viewport to set the camera top/down/front/back/left/right
  • 3D: Add snapping when translating and rotating objects. Snapping options can be controlled in the toolbar
  • Grid Generator: Add built-in Offset param
  • Threshold Modifier: add Invert param
  • Mosaic Modifier: add new Tile Count mode, Aspect Ratio and Offset parameters.
  • Timecode To String: add support for Frame mode, with optional offset
  • Add a right click option when on Media sources referenced on image parameters to quickly set the Output Part

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a Shape Group would forget element order on project reload
  • Fixed a bug where custom modifier packages would not reload correctly
  • Fixed multiple bugs in workspace manipulation that could lead to some crashes
  • Gradient Angle editor: fixed a bug where undo actions would not concatenate when moving the Max Angle
  • Transform Tool: No longer moves a layer twice if its Position param row is also selected
  • 3D: bug fix when outside 3D layers range where some elements would still be rendered even though not actually visible, which would slow down playback
  • Polar Coordinates: Bug fix which could sometimes leave portions of the image black
  • Bevel Alpha and Bevel Emboss: bug fix where a visual edge could appear in some cases
  • Cryptomatte: bug fix where some files would not load properly
  • Bug fix where image sequences in folder containing '#' characters could not be read
  • Parenting Panel: fixed a bug where undoing or redoing a parenting operation would offset a layer
  • Parenting Panel: fixed a bug when creating a sub-composition, where parenting links between layers would be lost
  • Expression: Fixed crash that could occur in certain conditions when adding or removing parameters
  • Fixed a bug where rendering would break when toggling the Enabled parameter of Generators
  • Drag&Drop: no longer interprets video files that have numbers in them as sequence
  • Tracker: bug fix where tracker would fail to start in some cases. Also fixed a crash that could occur in the tracker UI.
  • Fixed a crash when splitting a layer referencing a sub-composition
  • Split Layer: preserves visibility keyframes