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Welcome to Left Angle Autograph, your creative partner for motion design, visual effects, and mass video production. If you are viewing this documentation from a computer, you can switch between a light or dark theme or perform a search with the controls located at the top right of your screen. On mobile devices, you can access these options through the contextual menu at the top left.

The First steps section allows you to discover the software’s basic concepts. You will learn how to combine multiple graphic sources within the same composition and animate them in time. At the end of this section, you will be able to create a simple animation and video file in a storage space.

Migrating to Autograph

For those migrating from other graphic software solutions such as Adobe After Effects or Foundry Nuke, you will find this icon on certain pages mentioning the similarities or differences between these solutions and Autograph. This will allow you to make connections to what you are used to using, easing your transition.