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Use table as position

Globally or relatively placing instances is not the only way to position sources used as templates. You can reference data from an external table using two columns with the Column Span option, where each row represents a different position.

To learn more about how to use tables in Autograph, please refer to this section before going further and read this post on our website to know how this technique can easily be used to generate a weather forecast.

Driving positions with a table

Expand the Instance Transform parameters and click on the Position generator slot to define its source:

Choose Bind to Table, connect the table containing several 2D positions, one for each line, and set the Column Span to 2 to use two columns as "X" and "Y".


Instance Index

Autograph can internally increment an Instance Index which will be used to uniquely identify each instance.

You have to add an Instance Index generator on the element you want to drive – in our case, the table row index – to jump from one row to another at each instance change.