A new creative journey
Left Angle is a Deeptech-labeled startup of 8 employees, co-founded by Alexandre Gauthier-Foichat (right) and Francois Grassard (left), specialized in creative software development. Founded in 2019 after more than 7 years of R&D, the company is located at the INRIA Grenoble research center. Left Angle focuses on the development of professional grade applications, dedicated to Motion-Design, Visual Effects (VFX) and mass production of personalized videos. The company is cinema, broadcast, social networks and Internet oriented and has won several innovation awards such as i-Lab, i-Nov and CNC-RIAM, to name a few.
Autograph : modern, fast and powerful

Autograph is designed to meet today's increasingly demanding mass production needs by providing a fast and optimized tool that makes full use of your machine's resources, CPU and GPU, for much faster interaction and increased responsiveness. Autograph also unifies the world of 3D and 2D, allowing scene rendering on the fly, within a compositing stack, providing dozens of effects and allowing to create your own tools. Designed for the future of video production, discover why Autograph represents a real revolution in the world of visual creation by clicking the button below !


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