The next generation of creative tools for motion design, visual effects, and mass custom video production.

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The next generation of creative tools for motion design, visual effects, and mass custom video production.


We are a team of innovative individuals creating and developing multimedia-targeted software solutions that redefine the way content creators work. Over 25 years of graphics industry experience and 9 years of research and development at your service

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Boundless creativity
We strive to make the creative process as efficient as possible by providing software solutions that are packed with power yet accessible, perfectly adapted for modern productions and workflows.
Meet Autograph
Our signature solution, built from the ground up and based on familiar concepts for a smooth uninterrupted transition for all your motion graphics and compositing projects. Powerful, extensible, and ready to transport you into the future of creation.
We understand the struggle
Current software solutions are based on dated workflow models that go back 20 years in the past and don't factor in the capabilities of modern hardware. With each year there is more and more demand for video production with shorter and shorter turnaround times. Many projects require various output formats – for anything from TVs and computers to tablets and smartphones – which drags out production time even longer. Team members have trouble collaborating when they need to work on the same image at the same time.
Collaboration meets innovation
Here at Left Angle, our talented team of multidisciplinary experts combine in-depth industry knowledge and research to create software adapted for modern workflows.


Rev your creative engines
Autograph contains tools designed for motion designers and VFX artists and is streamlined so you can collaborate with ease and reference external projects. Create both 2D and 3D animation in a single software. We give you multi-format output options adapted for TV and social networks all within a single project, making Autograph the ONLY responsive design video creation tool.

Create, connect, collaborate
Artisan is a collection of cloud services connected to Autograph including a smart collaborative review platform so you can use it to iterate and oversee the evolution of your projects alongside clients. The perfect solution for simplifying communication between team members, equipped with file exchange, storage, and user administration.


Reusable lower third template
Learn how to master the lower third, no matter the content, with Autograph's streamlined tools that simplify even the most complex projects.

SHOWCASE  | 2022/08/19
Modifier spotlight : Defocus
Autograph's defocus modifier allows your creative imagination to run wild. Use it to define your project's appearance in detail or create animated backgrounds from scratch. Creating will never be the same with precise, real-time calculations.

SPOTLIGHT  | 2022/08/17
NAB Show 2022
In April, we attended the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas and presented a special preview of our brand new, soon-to-be-released software, Autograph, dedicated to motion design, visual effects, and mass video production.

EVENTS  | 2022/08/16
Automated weather forecasts
Learn how to bring weather reporting to the next level with Autograph’s instancer and the ability to contextualize and connect to external data without coding.

SHOWCASE  | 2022/08/12

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