Modifier spotlight : Defocus
Autograph's defocus modifier allows your creative imagination to run wild. Use it to define your project's appearance in detail or create animated backgrounds from scratch. Creating will never be the same with precise, real-time calculations.

SPOTLIGHT  | 2022/08/17
NAB Show 2022
In April, we attended the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas and presented a special preview of our brand new, soon-to-be-released software, Autograph, dedicated to motion design, visual effects, and mass video production.

EVENTS  | 2022/08/16
Reformatting the future
Formats have evolved from 4:3 to the multitude of formats used today. Autograph is the first responsive design video software that makes it possible to create multiple formats in seconds without programming skills or manually recreating content.

MOTION DESIGN, CGI  | 2022/08/10