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Welcome to Left Angle Academy, an all-in-one learning platform designed to help you learn Autograph for motion design, visual effects, and mass video production!

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, our courses are designed to help you get started using Autograph fast and learn innovative techniques to enhance your creative process. New learning videos will be added regularly to show you all that Autograph has to offer and highlight key workflow features.

To ensure successful, progressive learning and a solid understanding of Autograph’s concepts, we recommend that you take courses in the order shown in the table of contents. This will help you become familiar with the interface and learn how to build a simple project from A to Z, ensuring that you have a solid foundation before diving into increasingly complex projects.

If you are viewing this from a computer, you can perform a search with the controls located at the top right of your screen. On mobile devices, you can access these options through the contextual menu at the top left.

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Introduction to Autograph

This is the ultimate starter course! Learn Autograph basics including the interface, how to import elements, create compositions, animate parameters, and more. At the end of this course, you will be able to create a simple animation and video file on storage.

Learn the basics

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Autograph Foundations

This course reviews some of the concepts taught in the Introduction to Autograph course, while taking them a step further. It also introduces new features that you can use in subsequent projects.

Go further with Autograph Foundations

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Audio in Autograph

This course is a beginner course that goes over how to work with audio in Autograph. Learn how to add audio files to a composition, create an Audio Mix, modify audio settings, and animate parameters using the Audio Analyzer!

Turn up the volume with Audio in Autograph

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Vector Shapes in Autograph

This course is your guide on how to use the “Shapes” Generator and all of Autograph’s shape tools. You’ll learn how to draw and combine vector shapes, apply styles, as well as duplicate and animate them while creating thousands of variations.

Let's see how you can be creative using shapes in Autograph

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Generator Rundown

This course is your quick start guide on how to use each of Autograph’s Generators. Learn how you can generate any type of layer source such as images, numerical data, 3D primitives, and text.

Learn how to use the 'Circle' Generator, for example

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Modifier Rundown

This course is your quick start guide on how to use each of Autograph’s Modifiers. Start adding effects to your projects with our image, text, and numeric Modifiers easily - without expressions!

Learn how to use the 'Fill' Modifier, for example

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Layer Instancer

A true Autograph gem, the Instancer lets you quickly animate hundreds of graphics sources in just a few seconds. In this course, we'll take a look at some Instancer use cases to give you a better understanding of the basic concepts behind this incredible tool.

Discover the magic of the Instancer

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Custom Generator

Wondering how to create a custom Generator in Autograph? In this video series, we'll start by setting up a responsive design project that can be adapted to any format and any duration to create a "Dirty Lens" Generator.

Learn how to create your own Generator

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Shadertoy in Autograph

Learn how you can integrate Shaders into Autograph and turn them into new Generators and Modifiers! This means that you can endlessly extend Autograph's graphic capabilities to suit every type of project!

Learn to code your own tools