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In order to get the most of this course and learn hands-on, download the free assets below to follow along and complete the beginner project for this course.

Download "Introduction to Autograph" course material


Introduction to Autograph is our basics beginner course that goes over:

  • Autograph’s interface
  • How to import elements
  • How to create compositions
  • How to animate parameters
  • How to render a file to storage

License Agreement - Creative Common BY

Read more about the Creative Common BY License

The following describes the terms under which users may use Left Angle branded materials.

  • Users may copy and redistribute Left Angle creative material in its original, unaltered form for personal and/or commercial use on the condition that attribution is clearly given to Left Angle.

Accepted forms of attribution include:

  • Written attribution: “Image/video/media created by Left Angle,”

All redistribution of Left Angle branded material must also be accompanied by the present accompanying text.