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What does Left Angle specialize in?Left Angle is a deep tech start-up specialized in developing professional-grade creative software applications dedicated to motion design, visual effects (VFX), and mass personalized video production. The company was founded in 2019 by a team of innovative individuals from the French research lab INRIA.
What is the relationship between Left Angle and RE:Vision Effects Inc.?RE:Vision Effects Inc. (https://revisionfx.com) is the main distributor of Left Angle Autograph. They are a renowned company in the Visual Effects Industry, and have received Academy and Emmy Awards for their plug-in products (compatible with Autograph).
When you buy a license on our website, the purchase is processed on the RE:Vision Effects Inc. website.
Is a left-angle.com account the same as a revisionfx.com account?When you are directed to the cart page the first time on our website, you will be prompted for your e-mail address in order to automatically create a revisionfx.com account that deals with the payment processor.  You will not need to use your revisionfx.com account again, unless you plan to make another purchase. For everything else related to the usage of Autograph and Artisan, you need a Left Angle account.
I'm having problems resetting my password or accessing my account. What can I do?Click on the "lost password?" link on the connection page, and an e-mail will be sent to you in order to reset your password. If it still doesn't work, you can contact the support team using the form on the contact page.
General Products
What is Autograph Render?Autograph Render is a command-line version of Autograph that does not have a graphical user-interface. It is only used to render existing projects on a different computer. 

With Autograph Render, you can automate composition rendering by changing any composition parameters, including the format and any other custom parameters.

Where are you headed next regarding the development of Autograph?Our roadmap is not yet public but we will make sure to communicate about it in time, based on customer feedback.
What are the system/platform requirements?See the documentation
Avast antivirus is blocking Autograph, what should I do?Autograph is known to use the same shared libraries as Python, which is blocked by Avast. There's not much we can do for now until an exception is made for us. To allow Autograph to run, remove it from quarantine.
Autograph fails to start on my computer, what should I do?On some systems, there may be a conflicting environment that prevents Autograph from starting properly.
Please contact support at https://www.left-angle.com/#supportrequest.
What plug-ins can I use in Autograph?Autograph supports OpenFX plug-ins. We officially support RE:Vision Effects (https://revisionfx.com/) plug-ins. Other vendor plug-ins may work but have not been tested. If they do not appear to function properly, please contact their respective vendor.
What is USD?USD is a high-performance extensible software platform for collaboratively constructing animated 3D scenes, designed to meet the needs of large-scale film and visual effects production. (Pixar USD)
Autograph uses USD internally to process 3D scenes and interact with Render-Delegates (such as Storm or Filament) to render the scene.
How can I import fbx,gltf,obj?Autograph mainly supports USD file formats (.usd, .usdc, .usda, .usdz). To convert to these formats, we recommend that you use Blender.
We plan to add more import conversion features in the near future.
Does Autograph support vector graphics formats?Yes, it supports SVG import. You can split an SVG by path and animate the transform while preserving details.
How do I cancel my subscription?To cancel your subscription, please login to your account and click on the “Subscriptions” tab.
What happens when I cancel my subscription?If you purchased a monthly subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time without any penalties.

If you purchased an annual subscription, regardless of the payment option (billed annually or monthly), you will be charged 50% of the remaining amount owed for the year.
Do you offer floating licenses?Floating licenses are available upon request for Autograph Studio. Additional charges may apply. Please contact our sales team at sales@left-angle.com.
Can I share my license?It is illegal to share your license with another user.

Your license is registered to a single device, however, if you wish to use it on another device, you may do so by deactivating your license and reactivating it on another device.

Note that Autograph offers the option to deactivate from your device automatically when quitting the software.
Do you offer a permanent license?Yes. Autograph Creator, Autograph Studio, and Autograph Render are all available to purchase with a permanent license. A permanent license is yours to keep and includes 12 months of updates. To receive another 12 months of updates, you have the option to pay a renewal fee equivalent to 1/6th of the original purchase price.
Will I get updates if I purchase a permanent license?A permanent license includes 12 months of updates. To receive another 12 months of updates, you have the option to pay a renewal fee equivalent to 1/6th of the original purchase price.

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