Connect and share your creative process with Artisan, our cloud services and collaborative review platform that goes above and beyond standard offerings. Use a simple web browser to access all your shared resources and Autograph projects, communicate with clients, and work with a team on common projects.


Top-notch web player

Responsive, precise player equipped with forward and backward play through automatically generated optimized proxies. Shuttle and J/K/L shortcuts for rapid review. Overlays, passepartout, and display overriding for anamorphic media.

Communicate with ease
Create markers with comments, and draw directly on top of videos. Use the chat for briefs and discussions for fast and efficient versioning. Share your files without depending on third parties. Play animation in loop or back and forth mode right inside the player for loopable media.

Synchronous versioning

Two synchronized players for simultaneously displaying two videos or images or for comparing two versions of a single project even with varying durations. Each player is equipped with markers, annotations, and comments for each video.

Frame-accurate player

Artisan's player allows high-precision frame-by-frame navigation, even in reverse, for increased accuracy when reviewing projects. Multiple proxies are available to accommodate low-bandwidth connections.

Embedded timecode support

Timecodes embedded with files can be displayed in the player. You can also switch to frame number mode if you work with image sequences.

Image sequence proxies

Image sequences are detected and displayed using only one line in your browser. A video proxy can be generated for a playable preview of your animation.

Basic account:

  • 100 GiB of storage
  • 5 guest users
  • Cloud servers located in North America and Europe

Artisan can be also be customized by request.
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