Artisan is a collection of cloud services connected to Autograph featuring a smart collaborative review platform for iterating and overseeing the evolution of projects alongside team members and clients


Artisan provides a simple, easy-to-use review platform for convenient communication. Look over projects and exchange ideas clearly through frame-accurate markers, annotations, and comments - even draw directly on top of videos. Use chats for briefs and discussions for fast, efficient versioning. Create external links for securely sharing projects with non-Artisan users.


Working together is made easy with the ability to quickly synchronize projects and renders to the Artisan cloud from directly within Autograph. Team members and clients alike can collaborate, iterate on modifications, and stay up-to-date without the burden of long, confusing email chains or multiple third party services. Easily manage projects by controlling permissions and share functions.

Professional frame-accurate video player

Artisan's precise, responsive player provides smooth, uninterrupted playback through automatically-generated, optimized proxies for all of your project footage, including image sequences and waveform audio. Play animations in loop or back and forth mode, right inside the player. Use shuttle and J/K/L shortcuts for rapid review, overlays, passepartout, and display overriding for anamorphic media. Operate two synchronized players for simultaneously displaying two videos or images or for comparing two versions of a single project, even with varying durations. Each player is equipped with markers, annotations, and comments for easily getting your feedback across.

Frame-accurate player

Artisan's player provides high-precision, frame-by-frame navigation even in reverse, for increased accuracy when reviewing projects. Multiple proxies are available to accommodate low-bandwidth connections.

Embedded timecode support

Artisan's player can display files embedded with timecodes. Conveniently switch to Frame Number mode when working with image sequences.

Image sequence proxies

Image sequences are detected and displayed using only one line in your browser. A video proxy can be generated for a playable preview of your animation.

Up to 5 guests with one licenSe

Share your files and give access to up to five guest reviewers with your license. Use permissions to manage reviewer access to your drive.

*Guests users do not need an active license

Unlimited sharing

Share links, even with clients that don't have an Artisan account. Protect shared links with a password and set a limit to the number of times links can be used to avoid misuse.

Integrated in Autograph

Easily collaborate with your team during the creation process by synchronizing your media and projects to Artisan, right from within Autograph.

Maximal Bandwidth: 1 Gigabit/sec

Artisan servers are located in North America and Europe, offering a high bandwidth that makes it easy to synchronize heavy files in seconds.

No data transfer limit

Feel free to upload and download as many files as you want with unlimited data transfers.

Secure data transfers

Artisan is encrypted with modern security standards, ensuring first-class safety of your personal information and data.

Coming soon

Markers with reviewer comments, right in Autograph's timeline. Annotations attached to markers, visible right in the viewport.