Here you will find a large number of projects and packages that can be downloaded directly into Autograph at the click of a button. Check this section often, as it will be updated regularly. All projects and resources are free and distributed under the Creative Common License. Use resources such as 2D images and videos, 3D scenes, or EXR passes for personal or commercial projects, courses, tutorials, even outside of Autograph. Click the download button and files will automatically be downloaded and uncompressed in the "demo projects" folder defined in the preferences. Once files have been downloaded, they will appear in Autograph.

Light streaks reveal
To generate these dozens of lines of different colors and thicknesses, a single layer is enough. The "Instancer" distributes variations of a single line, during the vector logo appears.

PROCEDURAL  | 2023/01/25
Halftone city
Based on a simple MKV file, the image undergoes several alterations, including a halftone conversion created from scratch, from a polygon in "Distance Field" mode. Several procedural elements are then added.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/23
Green screen matting
Project mixing the "Color Difference Key", the "Lightwrap", the "Defocus" and some rotoscopy, allowing the integration of characters shooted on green background.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/21
World map shadow
Reveal of a world map projecting shadows before they bend, using a "God rays" modifier with multiple transformation options.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/18
3D Left Angle logo
3D rendering using several cameras shooting the same object. The environment is animated in rotation and light intensity and the rendering is composited on the fly.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/17
Responsive design comp
Produce as many formats as you want without duplicating your compositions, by creating a responsive project based on the width and height of your image.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/11
Automan run
Follow Automan as he races through an environment made up of several noise generators simulating speed lines and a trail behind him.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/09
AFC versus
As part of the "Autograph Fighting Championship", see how to present the two fighters of the day. This project is complemented by a YouTube tutorial especially designed for beginners.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/08
Living crystals
Entirely procedural, made up of geometric shapes, grids and Noise, all distorted by the "Displace" and "Lens Distort" modifiers

PROCEDURAL  | 2023/01/08
Every second counts
The animation of this watch requires no keyframes or expressions. Each element is animated by a combination of Generators and Modifiers, allowing it to advance in time without any limit.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/08
My 80's Movie Nights
Do you review good old movies and want to customize each of the intros in just a few seconds? Let's compositie both pre-calculated and real-time 3D rendering.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/07
River of gold
Designed from a single generator "Noise" of infinite size as a basis, a camera and a "Card 3D" modifier allows to fly over this endless landscape.

PROCEDURAL  | 2023/01/05
Falling colors
A single path is duplicated and time offseted using several "Layer Image" generators. Tweak the original shape to generate infinite variations.

PROCEDURAL  | 2023/01/04
Weather report
Automatically generated weather report, using instancer for icon placement. Their position and type are defined in a separate CSV file.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/04
Playing cards ribbons
The instancer is used to spread cards along a Path. Each ribbon is created with a single layer and the number of cards is adjustable through a control panel.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/03
Bokeh street
This project shows the performance of the "Defocus" modifier, allowing to simulate a Bokeh effect based on a "Depth Map" and a custom shape.

3D/VIDEO  | 2023/01/03
Japanese action lines
Fully procedural animated action lines. Provided with a control panel to change the speed and density of the lines and the position and scale of the white spot.

PROCEDURAL  | 2023/01/01
Circular transition
Transition based on a simple circular path, duplicated, temporally offset and recolored using several "Layer Image" generators.

PROCEDURAL  | 2022/12/22
Purple star
Create this hypnotic purple star using only one stroke shape, gradient, and instancer.

PROCEDURAL  | 2022/12/20
Christmas sun
A simple circle using a "Gradient" modifier is duplicated 60 times by an "Instancer" Generator to produce these intertwining shapes.

PROCEDURAL  | 2022/12/20
Blue geometric background
Two "Gradient" generators and a "Mirror" modifier are the basis of this animation, driven by numerical generators for an infinite duration animation.

PROCEDURAL  | 2022/12/20
Gradient corridor
Loopable animation created by using the different "Wrap Modes" of the gradient editor, animated by a "Current Time" generator.

PROCEDURAL  | 2022/12/20
Double helix
Use the "Instancer" generator to create a DNA double helix. This project is complemented by a tutorial available on YouTube, in English or in French.

3D/VIDEO  | 2022/12/20
The instancer is used to generate a sinusoidal shape consisting of several bars, animated by the "Current Time" generator and the "Math" modifier in "Sin" mode.

PROCEDURAL  | 2022/12/20
Polygon evolution
The number of polygon sides is initially animated from 2 to 3 with two keyframes. This animation is then looped with the "Loop Animation" modifier, in "Repeat offset" mode, adding one more side every second.

PROCEDURAL  | 2022/12/20

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